Friday, July 27, 2007

Who are these kids and why do they call me Mom?

My little boys can be so strange sometimes. Out of the clear blue today Tate says to me "mom, i like watermelon" It was funny because he doesn't like watermelon and we haven't had one or seen one in weeks. And when he wanted a purple elephant. I finally got him made and Tate named him zoo zoo. No idea where that came from. Now he wants a purple giraffe to go with the elephant. He wants to name the giraffe zoo zay. Oh boy does he ever keep me laughing.
Last night the boys were playing in their room. My hubby poked his head in just to see what was up. This is what he found.

Tate was so proud. He looks at dad and says "look, I made a slide out of my bed for me and dillon!" They had such a blast playing like that. This is one of Dillons favorite places.

He likes the puppys box. What a nut.
So I finally found the camera and the cord but the hubby changed the memory cards and some of the pictures I wanted to put up here are on it. I have no idea where he put it. I also have some pictures on my phone I want to see if I can get off but I'm not the technical one in the house.
I guess I'd better go make a giraffe and see what else I can get into today.

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Charmed said...

LOL!! I hear ya! I have asked myself the same question. My girls have never made slides with their mattresses. ;-) Although my oldest did lock her younger sister in our dog crate. It is rather large though, she did put some toys in there for her. You never know what kids are thinking or what they will do, they keep us on our toes.