Tuesday, July 3, 2007

From sea to shining sea: Utah

What makes Utah great. I've been thinking about this since I volunteered to write about it. I guess there are tons of things especially if you enjoy being outside.
If you like to hike there are mountains galore. I'm here in cache valley. In just a short drive I can be up in the mountains. Its funny how with trees around you it seems as though civilization is miles and miles away. It seems like there are campsites around every corner.

Or if you like to be on the water it's also just a short drive to Bear Lake. You can swim, rent jet skies, play on a boat... and they have really good raspberry shakes. And ice cream. And hamburgers. Boy is that making me hungry!
There is also a place up Logan Canyon you can park, walk up a ways and then tube down the river. This is something I have yet to do but for some of the locals here it's a summer tradition.
You can also find many places to go rock climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, miniature golf, shopping and various other fun things to do. I also shouldn't forget that in the winter skiing is a big past time.

And talk about just pretty scenery. Just going for a drive and looking at the views is amazing. It surprises me just how many different landscapes are in this one state. There are mountains, flat farm land, cities, lakes... it almost seems as though there is something for everyone.
There is also tons of history here. There are places close to Moab where you can see petrogliphs. Also close to Moab is the Arches National Park. This is a truly amazing place to visit.

And in Vernal there are dinosaur exhibits galore. And of course there is the history of the Mormon pioneers that traveled and settled here.

Wow. When I started this I thought I'd have a hard time. There really are a million and one things that are great about Utah. There are so many more things I didn't babble about. I can't believe how lucky I am to live here. And to live in America. Writing this post has really helped me to see that. I am very grateful to Firefly for this idea. I'm so glad I was puttering around and found her blog when I did. Hopefully my meager ramblings can help. I can't wait to see everyone elses corner of this great land. Now go:
west east

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