Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The saga

I made a hoodie. I thought it would be easy. For some reason this hoodie didn't want to be made. It all started when I bought the fabric. I decided I wanted to do two layers of flannel. So I bought enough for the outside, but in my infinite wisdom, figured I would need less for the inside. Yeah, it made sense at the time. Once I figured out I didn't have enough of the inner fabric, (as I was cutting it out) and acquired more, I thought I was good to go. I started sewing. I got most of it sewed. I sewed the pockets, then the body went together well, then the arms, then the hood. Next came the zipper. I'd only ever done one other zipper so I was worried. But I followed the instructions and only cussed a couple times to put it in. As soon as I held it up I realized that yes, I'd sewn the zipper in quite well, but unfortunately it wasn't a separating zipper. Yup, I'm dumb. So I had to pick it out, get a new zipper and put it in. Ok, next came the hem tape. I put in between the hood and the body. Not too bad, I think, I can finish this up pretty quick now. So I go to put it alongside the zipper on the inside. And I run out of thread. So close to finishing, this thing is still giving me crap. So I run and get more thread, and hurry and finish it before anything else can happen. It's not perfect, but I loves it.

Tate took this picture because I couldn't get a good shot all by myself. It's a little blurry but not too bad for a 5 yr old.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Apparently I'm old and have a big butt

Conversation with Tate a few days ago:
T-Mom, how many are you?
M-You mean , how old am I?
T- Yeah, are you....15?
M- Nope, older than that.
T- Are you.....18?
M- No, older than that.
T- Are you (big pause here) 20?
M- No, I'm even older than 20.
T- Well, I don't know what number you are.
M- I'm 30.
T- Wow......that's a lot!

Conversation yesterday while changing Dillon's diaper:
T-Mom, Dillon has a little butt
T- And I have a bigger butt than he does.
M-Yeah, you're a bigger kid than he is.
T-And you have the biggest butt of all!

It's a good thing he's cute!!!