Friday, June 6, 2008

Well Pbfffft

So much for being better about the blog huh? I have been doing stuff, and the computer was down for a while. Yea, I'll blame it all on that.
So Tate turned 5 on May 2nd. I can't believe it. The time just flies. The only thing he wanted was a skateboard. He's wanted one for quite a while and no amount of trying to substitute something else was working. So we got him one. I'm either totally insane or an awesome mom. Tate thinks I'm awesome. And he has no problem at all putting the safety gear on so I'm not going to complain. We also went bowling for his birthday. Thats what he wanted. No party, only one friend so that's what he got. He's easy to make happy. And it was fun.
I finished moms socks. I ended up having to totally redo them because I knit the first one too tight. I pretended everything was fine until I had my MIL try to put it on and she couldn't. She is tiny, only 4' 9" or so. My mom is bigger. But they turned out well the second time and she likes them.