Tuesday, November 27, 2007

what happened to november?

Is today really the 28th? When did this happen? This whole year is zooming by.

Anyhoo I thought I'd pop in and at least have one post in November. Goodness. We've been busy, having fun, enjoying the last of the good weather...

I'll have to find the picture of Tates costume for Halloween. He was a race car driver. I made his costume from a cardboard box. He had a blast. But he's the only kid I think that made it up and down one street and declared "I think I have enough candy now Mom" It wasn't even that cold because we went out before the sun went down. It may be a good thing he didn't get loads of candy because we had bought loads thinking we'd have a ton of kids here. There weren't that many that came by but Tate had fun handing out candy and asking what the other kids were dressed up as. It was fun.

For Thanksgiving we had an 11 hour car ride up to WA to visit my parents. We were going to see my inlaws too but my hubby ended up getting some sort of bug that wouldn't let him get too far from a bathroom. Other than that it was a good visit and I'm really glad my kids enjoy riding in the car. It only gets hard when the sun goes down and they can't see anything.

Better get back to the madness that is today. I'll see if I can't find some time to find some pretty pictures later...