Friday, January 25, 2008


I got pampered today. I went with a couple friends and had a pedicure. That's something I'd never done until this morning. My toenails are now a very pretty sparkly pink. And to top it all off my one friend decided she was going to pay. So I got my feet rubbed and massaged and painted pretty, free. whoo hoo! I tried to take pictures but I learned that 1. it's not easy to take a good foot picture, and 2. my feet really aren't that cute. So all spare everyone that sight. :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

show off day

Because I don't have much to say, but I finally found the camera card reader thingy, here are a couple things I made:
This is my first ever sock. It's slightly wonky and has a few mistakes but I love it just the same. I'm working on the other one so I can dance around with 2 socks I made and not just one. So far the second one is turning out better but don't tell this one that. I'll like them equally. :)

This is a blankie I knitted for my Dad for Christmas. He's a truck driver so I tried to come up with a present that he could use that he could take on his truck. Turns out this was just the thing. He was so tickled to get it! And he's hard to get things for.
Anyhoo, I'm gonna go work on my sock some more. Once it's done I've got a second pair planned for my sis for her birthday in Mar. So until next time....

Saturday, January 12, 2008

sick again

ugh. I started feeling icky wed night, tried to convince myself I wasn't getting sick, finally broke down and called the Dr Thurs night for an apointment Fri and found out what I already knew. I have strep throat again. Luckily I'm the only one sick. I'm really hoping the boys all stay well.

And in good news I almost have a knitted sock. I've had to restart it a few times now otherwise I'm sure I'd have it done. And still I've got mistakes in it. But I'm past the confusing heel part and in the home stretch. Then I'll just have to do the other one. I'm so excited for socks I've made myself it's not even funny. I'm glad I have a husband that kinda humors me every time I hold it up after doing maybe two rows (not much progress) "lookie lookie!" he'll smile and nod.

Well, I've got a whole day of doing as little as I can possibly get away with planned so I better get at it. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Happy New Year!!!

Hope all is well and good out there in blog land!
We've had wonderful holidays around here. Santa came by so we must have been good. :) Now all the seasonal stuff has been put away around here we can get back to some kind of normal. (yea right :) )
Anyhoo, now we have this brand new, fresh year started. I wonder what it will bring? I'm hoping only good things as we've had our share of not so fun stuff. Which reminds me, I don't do resolutions. I'm always making goals for myself so I don't do a big new year thing. Instead I had someone tell me about how they write down things they learned during the past year and I liked that idea so much I stole it. You don't have to write down only things like , I learned to oil paint. you can write down how you learned feeding hot dogs and orange juice to a toddler that isn't feeling too well is a bad idea. (just examples) Sometimes when you write all those kinds of things down it makes you feel like you accomplished quite a bit instead of a big list of goals for the next year that you may or may not ever do.
My list is pretty long this year. I learned quite a bit. One thing is that I'm stronger as a person than I was even a year ago. It's amazing what I can handle that I wouldn't have thought I could. My little Dillon started having seizures last Jan. He had his first one while we were at the mechanic having the car inspected. I amazingly didn't break down until we had made it up to the Dr and my husband showed up. Poor little guy. I also learned I have a jillon things to be thankful for. (something I learn pretty often but sometimes forget ya know? ) I'm really thankful for all the Dr's and Nurses that helped out. And I'm thankful for the medicine that seems to be doing a good job of keeping the seizures away. He's only had a total of 7 and the last one was in April. Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll go at least 2 years without one so we don't have to force medicine into him every night.
Wow. That was more than I'd intended to write about that.
Anyway there were good times and bad times, but I think the good still outweighed the bad. Here's hoping this year is even better!