Monday, January 21, 2008

show off day

Because I don't have much to say, but I finally found the camera card reader thingy, here are a couple things I made:
This is my first ever sock. It's slightly wonky and has a few mistakes but I love it just the same. I'm working on the other one so I can dance around with 2 socks I made and not just one. So far the second one is turning out better but don't tell this one that. I'll like them equally. :)

This is a blankie I knitted for my Dad for Christmas. He's a truck driver so I tried to come up with a present that he could use that he could take on his truck. Turns out this was just the thing. He was so tickled to get it! And he's hard to get things for.
Anyhoo, I'm gonna go work on my sock some more. Once it's done I've got a second pair planned for my sis for her birthday in Mar. So until next time....

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