Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Happy New Year!!!

Hope all is well and good out there in blog land!
We've had wonderful holidays around here. Santa came by so we must have been good. :) Now all the seasonal stuff has been put away around here we can get back to some kind of normal. (yea right :) )
Anyhoo, now we have this brand new, fresh year started. I wonder what it will bring? I'm hoping only good things as we've had our share of not so fun stuff. Which reminds me, I don't do resolutions. I'm always making goals for myself so I don't do a big new year thing. Instead I had someone tell me about how they write down things they learned during the past year and I liked that idea so much I stole it. You don't have to write down only things like , I learned to oil paint. you can write down how you learned feeding hot dogs and orange juice to a toddler that isn't feeling too well is a bad idea. (just examples) Sometimes when you write all those kinds of things down it makes you feel like you accomplished quite a bit instead of a big list of goals for the next year that you may or may not ever do.
My list is pretty long this year. I learned quite a bit. One thing is that I'm stronger as a person than I was even a year ago. It's amazing what I can handle that I wouldn't have thought I could. My little Dillon started having seizures last Jan. He had his first one while we were at the mechanic having the car inspected. I amazingly didn't break down until we had made it up to the Dr and my husband showed up. Poor little guy. I also learned I have a jillon things to be thankful for. (something I learn pretty often but sometimes forget ya know? ) I'm really thankful for all the Dr's and Nurses that helped out. And I'm thankful for the medicine that seems to be doing a good job of keeping the seizures away. He's only had a total of 7 and the last one was in April. Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll go at least 2 years without one so we don't have to force medicine into him every night.
Wow. That was more than I'd intended to write about that.
Anyway there were good times and bad times, but I think the good still outweighed the bad. Here's hoping this year is even better!

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