Friday, March 21, 2008


It's been busy around here. My birthday was last Friday. It was good I had a really good day. Then Sat I ended up feeling sick and that's only just started to go away.
Tate had a Dr. visit on Tues to get his last set of shots so he can go to kindergarten. Poor little guy got 4 shots. He screamed like a girl.
Thurs was spent running around getting a birth certificate for Tate, then going and getting all signed up for school. We were there over an hour so he could be assessed. He's a smartypants. I had to toddler wrestle the whole time. Dillon didn't want to be contained. He wanted to run amok. It made the hour seem like 3.
I also was informed by the lady getting us the birth certificate that my drivers licence expired on my birthday. Oops. So when my hubby got home I ran to the licence place and renewed. Luckily they give a little grace period so I didn't have to retake the test or anything.
Then I had bellydance class at 7:30. I am officially worn out. And we're out of bread and a few other things so I'm going to have to brave grocery shopping today sometime.
I need a vacation. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ready for spring

I'm tired of snow. I'd like for it all to melt and go away. I want to get outside and do more in the yard. I did notice I have some bulbs coming up by the house. This makes me insanely happy and makes me think spring really will get here soon.
Can I just say also how tired of the Cruella De Vil song I am? 101 Dalmations came out last tuesday. Tate had seen a million commercials for it and wanted to buy it. All day tues he bugged me. I managed to put it off all day. Then at bedtime he looks at me and says "mom, we didn't get the puppy movie" he looked so sad. I melted. So I promised that we would for sure go the next day and get it. So at about 6:30 the next morning he comes and wakes me up. He's completely dressed and even has his shoes on. He says "I'm ready to go get the hundred thousand puppy movie, I even woke up Dillon" oy. I am not a morning person. It's a good thing he's so stinking cute. We went and got the movie. He's watched it everyday since and then goes around singing the song. Then it gets stuck in my head. I should just be thankful he's never seen Barney.