Friday, March 21, 2008


It's been busy around here. My birthday was last Friday. It was good I had a really good day. Then Sat I ended up feeling sick and that's only just started to go away.
Tate had a Dr. visit on Tues to get his last set of shots so he can go to kindergarten. Poor little guy got 4 shots. He screamed like a girl.
Thurs was spent running around getting a birth certificate for Tate, then going and getting all signed up for school. We were there over an hour so he could be assessed. He's a smartypants. I had to toddler wrestle the whole time. Dillon didn't want to be contained. He wanted to run amok. It made the hour seem like 3.
I also was informed by the lady getting us the birth certificate that my drivers licence expired on my birthday. Oops. So when my hubby got home I ran to the licence place and renewed. Luckily they give a little grace period so I didn't have to retake the test or anything.
Then I had bellydance class at 7:30. I am officially worn out. And we're out of bread and a few other things so I'm going to have to brave grocery shopping today sometime.
I need a vacation. :)

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