Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Pond

Here is my pond in all its glory so far.

It's still a work in progress. I still need to decorate around the pond. And I need more plants. It's hard to find any now though because it's the end of the season. But being the end of the season I have scored some deals on what I got. And some things were free. We went to a landscaping place a few weeks ago and got two 5 gal buckets full of pea gravel to put in the bottom of the ponds. Because that's such a small amount they didn't even charge us anything. Then on sunday we went for a drive up logan canyon and picked up the flat rocks to put around the rim. I didn't put any on the front there because thats where Tate likes to sit. I'd been keeping my eyes open for a statue to put in the back. I wanted something with a little bit of height but I didn't have anything in mind for the subject. Then the night before last we went to the grocery store to get some milk. They had a end of season garden section set up near the door and I saw this little girl feeding 3 ducks. It was only 20 bucks and the ducks came too so I snagged it before I could talk myself out of it or someone else grabbed it. It looks like she's feeding the fish and the ducks now.

This has been a ton of fun to put together. Lots of work, but fun.


Charmed said...

Very pretty, nice job.

Jessi said...

thanks. I'm really enjoying it.