Monday, June 4, 2007


I didn't get to any yard sales this weekend but I did find these bowls at the D.I. They are definitely handmade but I like them because they're slightly wonky. They aren't perfectly round and they aren't even the same height. I thought they would be perfect cereal or ice cream bowls. And for 1.00 for both of them I couldn't resist. They're almost so ugly they're cute.

And in other news I'm rather sore from hauling a ton of retaining wall blocks to go around my pond. For mothers day I received a preformed pond so now I get to put it all together. I'm excited for it. I've wanted a pond for a long time. I'll get pictures of it up as it comes together hopefully. My plan is to make myself a little secret garden by the side of the house. That's my project of the moment, I'd better get back to it!

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Charmed said...

Hi, I am also participating in the Pikes Peak Project. I found your blog today and I love yard sales too! You never know what you find. I have two little girls, aren't they so much fun?