Friday, March 6, 2009

A bit of update

Poor neglected blog. I'm sorry.

Anyway I'm still around. I've been working on some quilt blocks I bought over 10 years ago. Maybe one day I'll have a quilt. I've been unpicking one of the blocks because it was a little wonky. I started putting it back together and it's still wonky. So it's been set aside again.

I've also been working on a pair of socks for me. They have peep bunnies on them. I'm excited for them, but I'm having a hard time. I've lost count how many times I've restarted them. I hope I'm on the right track now.

The kiddies are doing well. Tate loves school and is disappointed when the weekend comes. Dillon is starting to be a little more understandable. He still isn't talking as well as other kids his age though.

I'm excited for my Birthday in about a week! My hubby got me a spinning wheel! I got the tracking number last night and have been obsessively checking it since. It was in Illinois last I checked and should get here on the 10th! I can't wait!

Gotta go for now. Tate had to come home early from school because his tummy hurts. So aside from being sad because he's missing school, he doesn't feel good. Dillon is doing his best to cheer his brother up though. It's great how well they get along!

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Charmed said...

Oh to have a child who was sad to come home from school....what is that like???