Thursday, September 18, 2008

6 stitches

He looks awfully happy doesn't he? Little stink bonked his head last night and needed 6 stitches. He did really good. Didn't cry very much at all. We spent 2 hours in the ER that the little boys should have been in bed. Tate wasn't easy to get up this morning. But we did it. Then about an hour after I picked him up from school his teacher called me. Wanted to let me know the red mark on his cheek was from hitting a chair when he was running in the classroom. I was a little confused because there wasn't a mark on his cheek at all. Still, you would think after last night he would be a little bit careful?

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Charmed said...

My daughter needed stitches in the same place when she was 3. She was so crazy they had to put her in this thing that looked like a straight jacket. It was not good.