Monday, February 18, 2008

manic monday

I read about this contest and would love to win. My birthday is in March even. But I'm not going to hold my breath as I haven't ever really won anything.

Anyhoo, I was crazy today and went to Jo-Ann Fabrics. I should have known better seeing as it's Presidents Day and they're having crazy sales. But I wanted some fabric so I could make my peasant shirt. I've had the pattern for a while and with the sale and the coupon I had it will be pretty cheap. Cheap is good seeing as I've been calling it my slutty peasant shirt. ha ha. I had a maternaty one that was super cute and comfy so I wanted one that wasn't for big bellies. Although it may end up looking that way anyway. Such is life.
It took quite a while standing in line waiting for my turn to get my fabric cut. There were a bazillion people there. Lots of ladies loading up on the quilting fabric, and little me, with my one bolt of fabric, had to wait while they had 1/2 a yard of this and 1/4 yard of that on about 539 different bolts. Oy. It wouldn't have been so bad if Dillon hadn't decided to overflow his diaper, and then Tate was climbing on some stacked boxes and running around and around and around some yarn bins. I couldn't chase him, otherwise I'd lose my place in line and there was at least a mile behind me already. Usually he stays right by me, today, not so much. And I could have done without the nasty looks from uppity old lady. I'm sure your little darlings never had days like this. sheesh.

Well, I'd better go work on cutting out some fabric while the Dillon-zilla is down for a nap. I don't get much done with him "helping"

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Pippin said...

We are so excited you found us and entered in the contest!

Sounds like a crazy day at JoAnn's. I love that place too although I couldn't sew a shirt together to save my life. I just check out the yarns and beads. I have had those days too with the kids, I say just snub your nose back. Some people are idiots and forget that kids are kids.