Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I must be crazy

Really I must be. I have a gagillion projects and hobbies and then I go and decide I need another one. I've seen a ton of really cute really comfy looking knitted socks. I've decided I need some. Could I buy them? Probably. But I want to be able to say "I made these!" Yeah, I'm insane. So I got a teach yourself knitting book at jo-anns that also has a couple sizes of needles and other bits and some patterns. No sock patterns but some others that I may try. I have tried knitting in the past but haven't gotten along with it because I was doing something weird in how I purled so when I went to knit the purles no matter how loosely I did them they were horribly tight and almost impossible to get the needle in. In the past few days of practicing I figured out what I was doing wrong! I was so happy I was telling my hubby all about it. I'm sure he just keeps me around for entertainment value :) Anyway my dream of knitting socks is so close now! I even went and got some bamboo needles and some yarn. I'm hoping the yarn will work. I'll most definitly be checking gauge (something I've never really had to do before). I'm so excited it's not even funny. Blogger won't let me do pics right now. I'll see if I can later. I'm off to knit some more!


Charmed said...

Wow, how do you find the time? I can barely find the time to read a book!

Jessi said...

I sneak time in when my little booger is napping. Or after both boogers go to bed at night. My house is also not exactly spotless.... :)