Wednesday, September 12, 2007

cool table

Technically this isn't done yet. I still have to screw the suitcase to the base and do something with the inside but it's sat this way for months and months so I figured I'd brag about it. I'd seen people make cool tables out of suitcases so I wanted to try one too. I've also wanted to try mosiacing. And then I also wanted to get in on making something out of paint chip samples so I decided to combine all of that together. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.


Charmed said...

Very cool! Where do you find the time????

Twinkie said...

SO cool. I love it. Are you going to give some details about how you pulled this off, or remain a woman of mystery?

Jessi said...

this actually took quite a while. time taken here and there. all I did was take an ugly old suitcase from the thrift store and paint it black. then I got a bunch of paint samples. I cut the samples into squares and triangles then glued them down in my design. when that was done i coated over it a couple times with mod podge. then i made it into a table with a scrap piece of wood with some legs attached. not too hard really. and it doubles as a place to hide stuff!!